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SMS marketing is a form of advertising that involves sending text messages to customers. It’s also referred to as “text message marketing” or “mobile messaging”.

The SMS marketing platform allows marketers to send personalized messages directly to their customers in order to promote products or services they offer. The key benefit of this type of marketing is that it’s inexpensive because it uses existing mobile networks and doesn’t require any additional hardware for delivery.

WhatsApp marketing is a form of advertising where businesses use WhatsApp groups to communicate with their customers directly; and engage with them on an ongoing basis about different topics relevant to their business such as new products and offers available in store, upcoming events held within the community, etc.
There’s a lot of information out there about SMS marketing and WhatsApp marketing. If you’re looking for a low-down on SMS marketing and WhatsApp marketing, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll take you through what they are, what each of them encompasses, as well as their respective pros and cons. We’ve got loads to unpack so let’s get straight to it.
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Why does your business need this?

01  Low-cost service with great ROI

02  Easy to create and manage.

03  Real-time customer service. 

04  Highly engaging digital channel.

05  Support automation

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Looking for a reliable enterprise-grade messaging solution? We’ve got you covered.
You’ve got a lot on your plate. But we’re here to help make your life easier.
We are the best digital marketing agency in Delhi, and our SMS and WhatsApp Marketing services are designed to help you improve your customer experience.
Let one of the top marketing companies in India handle all of your SMS & WhatsApp Marketing Services for you. We’ll make sure that every customer gets the message, and you can rest easy knowing that we’re doing all the heavy lifting for you.
SMS & WhatsApp Marketing Services have become an essential part of multi-channel marketing. These tools of instant communication serve as an affordable, flexible, and direct medium to broadcast coupon codes, promotion messages, store locations, discounts and offers.

Our FAQs

Contests, coupons, and promo codes, as well as transactional messages like appointment reminders, can all be part of your SMS marketing campaign. They also include a web form that allows you to convert email subscribers and website visitors into SMS subscribers.

Yes, you’ll be able to see the results of your WhatsApp marketing campaign.

As a company, we are committed to providing our clients with the most accurate analytics possible. 

We use our analytics dashboard tool to track all of these metrics in real-time!

SMS marketing is simple. We’ll pick a campaign for you and marketing is good to go!

You can use SMS marketing on any device that has an internet connection and a web browser.

The best advantage of WhatsApp is you can make your message as creative as you can. To get your viewer’s attention towards your messages you can send them GIFs and customized messages with creative design and eye catching images.

You can send customized messages and other forms of messages to your customers moreover about your products & services. It is the best way through which you can interact with your customers directly, and get immediate response for them.

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